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Airbus H160 helicopter空中客车H160直升机Airbus is eyeing legal action against Japan’s ministry of defence after losing out on a multibillion-dollar deal to supply helicopters to the country’s ground self-defence forces, said people familiar with the situation.知情人士回应,空中客车(Airbus)于是以考虑到对日本防卫省采行法律行动,原因是该公司在向日本陆上自卫队供应直升机的竞标中败北,毁掉了价值数十亿美元的订单。There was industry-wide surprise in July when the defence ministry awarded a contract to a consortium of Bell Helicopter of the US and Japan’s Fuji Heavy Industries to supply 150 military helicopters to the self-defence forces.今年7月,日本防卫省将一份向自卫队供应150架军用直升机的合约,颁发了由美国贝尔直升机(Bell Helicopter)和日本富士重工(Fuji Heavy Industries)构成的联合体。此举令其整个军工行业都深感车祸。

The deal — estimated to be worth $2bn to the Bell-Fuji consortium — throws a lifeline to the Japanese group’s helicopter operations, which have been struggling to secure orders since 2007.这笔对贝尔-富士联合体估算价值20亿美元的交易,为富士重工的直升机业务带给一线生机。自2007年以来,这家日本集团仍然难以获得订单。Airbus teamed up with Kawasaki Heavy Industries to bid for the contract, known as the UH-X programme.空客则与川崎重工(Kawasaki Heavy Industries)结为了同盟,竞标这一名为“UH-X计划”的合约。

Legal action by Airbus against Japan’s defence ministry over the tender process is described by western diplomats and industry insiders as “one of several possible avenues of complaint” being considered by the European aerospace group. The Airbus-Kawasaki bid, which proposed a new version of the Airbus H160 helicopter, was seen as the strong favourite until just a few weeks before the defence ministry’s decision was unveiled.西方外交官及业内人士称之为,空客就招投标过程对日本防卫省采行法律行动,是这家欧洲航空航天集团正在考虑到的“几种有可能受理方式之一”。空客-川崎联合体在投标中明确提出了一种新版空客H160直升机(Airbus H160)。直到日本防卫省发布要求的数周前,它们的投标还被指出获得胜利可能性很大。Bell-Fuji offered a cheaper, modestly modified version of the Bell 412EPI — a derivative of a helicopter that has been in use since before the Vietnam war.贝尔-富士拿走的则是更加廉价的小幅修改版贝尔412EPI (Bell 412EPI)。


贝尔412EPI是一款从越南战争前就仍然在用于的直升机的派生版本。Airbus declined to comment on the possibility of taking legal action against the Japanese defence ministry.空客拒绝接受就针对日本防卫省采行法律行动的可能性置评。

However, some of its senior executives have alleged privately that the Japanese selection process was not transparent, may have come under political pressure and failed to give appropriate weighting to the future export potential of its proposed design, said people familiar with the situation.不过,知情人士回应,部分空客高管私下里曾谴责说道,日方甄选过程不半透明,有可能遭遇了政治压力,而且没能对该公司设计方案未来的出口潜力给与必要的推崇。Richard Thornley, managing director for Bell Helicopter in Japan, said the Bell-Fuji proposal would deliver a cost-effective, capable and reliable replacement for the ground self-defence forces’ current fleet of ageing Bell-Fuji UH-1J aircraft.贝尔直升机派驻日本董事总经理理查德∠楽利(Richard Thornley)回应,贝尔-富士的方案不会为日本陆上自卫队现有的日益老化的贝尔-富士UH-1J (Bell-Fuji UH-1J)直升机群,获取成本便宜、功能限于而又可信的替换品。

A spokesman for the Japanese defence ministry declined to comment on any potential legal action by Airbus but said the selection process had been appropriate, fair and fully transparent.日本防卫省发言人拒绝接受就空客有可能采行的法律行动置评,不过,该发言人回应甄选过程必要、公平而且几乎半透明。One industry veteran familiar with Airbus said the company may have lost the helicopter contract after lobbying by the US government on Bell Helicopter’s behalf. “When there is a US bidder involved there is always the feeling that pressure may have come directly from the US,” he added.一位熟知空客的业内资深人士回应,该公司有可能是在美国政府为贝尔直升机进行游说后毁掉这一合约的。他补足说道:“每当有美方竞标者时,总能深感美国有可能必要产生了压力。